The Big Read

Books from Childhood – No.98 Girls in Love, Jacqueline WIlson

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Now I have a confession to make. I never really liked  Jacqueline Wilson. I know I feel terrible admitting it but I can’t think of a single book of hers that stayed with me or left any great impression, and Girls in Love is no exception. I think as a young girl who liked reading people just assumed I must be a Jacqueline Wilson fan, because every other girl my age was, and so they bought me Jacqueline Wilson books as presents. Now if your mums bought you an enormous Jacqueline Wilson box set for your birthday you’re sort of morally obligated to read it. Thing is, I was a kid who would rather read about dragons than boyfriends. And where as in The Princess Diaries there was the exotic setting of New York, Girls in Love is set in a boring old English secondary school.

And that is about all I can remember. I can remember more about one of the sequels, although I’m not sure which one. But after some quick research I can tell you it’s about boyfriends, friendship and the scary, fast approaching world of sex.

Rating: 2/5

Would recommend to: girls who don’t give to hoots about adventure.


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