The Big Read

Books from Childhood – No.86 Vicky Angel, Jacqueline Wilson

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So we have another Jacqueline Wilson. Yay. But this one I can remember a little bit about!

Jade and Vicky are best friends. Well apparently, if you ask me there relationship was kind of unhealthy with Vicky always telling Jade what to do and as a result Jade having to go through situations she wasn’t comfortable with. If I were Jade I would’ve ditch Vicky long ago but I digress. When Vicky is hit by car and dies Jade doesn’t know what to do with out her (maybe because she had become used to Vicky manipulating her?). But good old Vicky can’t resist coming back as an angel to continue bossing Jade around. As a result Jade goes a little bit crazy and she finally realises that she needs to give Vicky the boot. Well that’s not exactly what it says on the back of the book but that’s my reading of it.

I didn’t like Jade. She was drippy and a bit annoying but tolerable. Vicky was a bitch. All the same there are some really moving moments in this book. Vicky’s mother especially, her grief is so accurately portrayed it will break your heart. Plus when Jade finally gets up the courage to do with out Vicky and the two friends realise they have to say goodbye you might hug your best friend a little bit tighter the next time you see them.

Although I never really enjoyed Jacqueline Wilson’s work, I really admire the way that she can tackle difficult subjects in a way that children can understand. For a lot of kids I am sure that this book was there first introduction to grief and it is handle so sensitively.

On a slight feminist note, I also liked how this book was about friendship. So many novels for young girls focus on boyfriends and romance and I know that at age 11 I still thought boys utterly disgusting and wanted to put off having anything to do with them for as long as possible. It was refreshing to have a female protagonist who existed independently of her relationships with men, something I hadn’t seen in adult literature until I read The Help by Kathryn Stockett this year (hum, maybe To Kill a Mockingbird as well. It depends how Freudian you want to get about it all.).

But as a reader who shunned children’s fiction unless there was some form of adventure involved, Vicky Angel seemed to me better than most books of its kind.

Rating: 2.5/5

Would recommend to: children under 12


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