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Books from Childhood – No.80 Double Act, Jacqueline Wilson

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I won’t bore you with my feelings about Jacqueline Wilson AGAIN. So let’s keep this review nice and short.

Double Act is about twin sisters who since their mum died have done everything together. But when there dad brings home his new girlfriend things start to change. They have to move house, their beloved Gran has to go into a home and all of a sudden they’re not a double act any more.

This is another ‘real issues’ story which I think must have been for more resonant if you are going through a similar situation. I, having no sisters nor a new step mum, found very little to like in this book. I seem to remember that one twin is always in the other’s shadow and there is an element of finding yourself in the moral.

I personally agree with Dr Seuss that kids can smell a moral coming a mile off, but I didn’t mind this one so much. Mostly, because it wasn’t really about eating your vegetables or doing as you’re told. It’s about having the confidence to be yourself. No such a bad message.

Rating: 2/5

Would recommend to: kids whose parents are splitting up



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