The Big Read

Books from Childhood No. 66 – The Magic Faraway Tree, Enid Blyton

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Now this was my kind of childhood book. Nothing much happens but there is a riot of imagination and adventure. When Rick goes to stay with his cousins Joe, Beth and Frannie (I just found out that they changed their names from Dick and Fannie because of the sexual connotations. Right like that wouldn’t have gone way over my head as a child) they take him to the enchanted wood to meet their friends in the magic faraway tree; a tree so tall that there are several different worlds at the top.

I remember very little of what happens and lots of my memories are jumbled together with the other books in the series. I know at some point there is fudge making and I seem to remember something about wanting to get off a roundabout but I have no idea whether that actually happened.

Growing up in the countryside I would always look at the enormous old trees near where I lived and wonder if Moon-face was up there with the Saucepan Man and whether I would be able to climb to the top and find out. I liked the idea that there was endless worlds just out of reach in the tree tops. I can’t remember any moral or message from this book so if there ever was one it was probably pretty lame; it was just fun.

Rating: 4/5

Would recommend to: parents to read as a bed time story.


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