I’m back!

Just a quick post to say I have returned from Leeds were I was working on the National Youth Music Theatre’s new show ‘Brass’ and reviews will start up again tomorrow! If you want to read about my time there you can go over to Bernie and Bryony, my other blog, where I shall be posting soon.

I just wanted to talk about how I haven’t been able to read anything properly for the 3 weeks I have been away. I never realised how reading requires so much head space. Working intensively on a show as I have done spending every day breathing, eating and sleeping with the show (I’m serious I even dreamt about it) left no room for me to think about any other story. I tried to read on the train as I travelled across the country but I couldn’t get into the plot as I just kept thinking about the show. I tried reading a different book. Nope. Still singing the songs and worrying about split trousers and missing buttons. 

But now as I sit here on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday with a horrific case of anti-climax I don’t want to think about the incredible experience I had and the wonderful friends I left behind. I want to crystallise it in my memory and lock it away in a little box where I can treasure it forever and peep inside when I feel a little blue. So I think I might turn to a good book. 



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