The Big Read

The challenge begins!

That’s the last of the reviews for books I had already read from the list. Now is were the books from the challenge begin! I started the challenge just over a year ago so I will start with the first book I read and continue posting a review everyday until we are up to speed with what I am currently reading.

I also wish to say that at the start of 2014 I signed up for the 50 books challenge on Goodreads. I am currently on 31 but not all the books I have read this year have been from the list. “Oh for shame!” I hear you cry but in reality it was just implausible to only read books from the BBC top 100. For starters I don’t own all the books on the list and am buying them second hand or getting them from BookMooch, an incredible website where you give away books and get new ones in return for free. Also if you look at my challenge this year you will see there are a lot of fashion and costume books on the list, that is because I had to read those books for my degree some of which were pretty heavy and left no room in my brain to try and tackle fiction. Finally, I just got a bit bored. I started off really quite well and then I just wanted to read a book because I wanted to read it rather than to tick it off a list.

So when I get to Treasure Island on the BBC top 100 list I will be launching a second sister series of reviews title “Books I Read This Year”. I really hope you are enjoying my blog, I know I am really enjoying writing it, and I sincerely hope that you will all be around when I have to tackle War and Peace, Crime and Punishment and Ulysses.


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