Other Books 2013/14

Other Books – Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins Read 26/12/13

Affiliate Link:Catching Fire (Hunger Games, Book 2)

I got the rest of The Hunger Games trilogy as a Christmas present from my brother. I got a lot of books that year but the one I started reading first was Catching Fire. I finished the next day.

Right so you already know that I love The Hunger Games so I was pretty excited to read the next one and it really didn’t disappoint. I like that we get to see the rest of Panem on the victory tour because I’m the kind of person who likes to know every last detail about a fictional universe including how their economy is structured. Also the atmosphere changes dramatically in this book from that of oppression to revolution. You can feel it bubbling beneath the surface desperate to break forth. I must admit that knew something was about to happen all the way through the book so when we get to the Quarter Quell I was kind of a bit surprised what no revolution? Ok.

But then the Quarter Quell is amazing. It has all the feeling of the previous Hunger Games but some how I felt like the Capitol had gotten sicker and is even more evil and barbaric than before. The arena for the Quarter Quell is elegant and clever and it feels to me that they have not only turned killing into live entertainment but an art form. It was also interesting to see the previous winners because ultimately this is what will become of Katniss.

I don’t want to say much more because I really don’t want to publish spoilers. But the twist at the end… I am so glad that I didn’t have to wait for a copy of Mockingjay  because I closed the cover on Catching Fire and opened Mockingjay so that I could carry on reading that is how tense it is. I didn’t even stop for breath I just carried on like they were one book and I had come to the end of a chapter.

Personally, Catching Fire is the best in the trilogy. It has all the good parts of the first book and the added dimension of revolution. You don’t have to sit by and witness this injustice any more, you can fight with Katniss and bring down President Snow (that git.).

Rating 5/5

Would recommend to: the same people as before, who really care about this universe.


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