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Other Books – Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins, Read 27/12/13

Affiliate Link:Mockingjay (part III of The Hunger Games Trilogy): 3/3

Carrying on from my Catching Fire review, I was very much in The Hunger Games zone last Christmas, I started Mockingjay in a reading frenzy desperate to find out what happened.

Now I don’t really know how to put this because I really liked Mockingjay and at the same time I was left unsatisfied by the ending and also completely unnerved. I finished the book at stupid o’clock in the morning and I couldn’t get to sleep. I kept thinking about the book. It left a huge impression on me in a way I really didn’t like.

*Okay I’m gunna have to talk about this so here is the spoiler warning*

The first half of the book with District 13 and the preparations for war was great. It had the threat and the tension that I had come to love from Collins and it had that realism which gives the entire series its impact. But then, the psychological torture that Peeta goes through and the trauma that Katniss has sustained, it was too much for me. It was horrific and I could hardly bear to read it, it especially hit home for me because I have a sleep condition which means I get incredibly graphic nightmares, not dissimilar to those that Katniss gets. So that was the unnerving part.

The unsatisfying part was the frankly bizarre nature of the military attack that Katniss and her ‘SWAT team’ lead against the Capitol. It made no sense to me. Then suddenly everything gets rounded off rather nicely and they live (almost) happily ever after?  It all felt a bit rushed and not very well thought out to me. I couldn’t believe that a teenage girl could almost single handedly bring down a totalitarian dictatorship with just a few soldiers helping her.

*You can read this bit, it’s okay the spoiler’s are gone*


I have realised I haven’t talked about it much until now but I think it is time to mention the love triangle. I am sorry but it is horridly out of place in a story about over throwing a corrupt and oppressive system. I really have no interest in Katniss’ love life outside of it keeping her alive in the Games. Why is it necessary? It feels forced to me and I do sort of wonder if maybe it was put in to try and increase the story’s appeal. Anyway I could happily do without it.

I think the best way to describe Mockingjay is frustrating. I feel like it could have been brilliant and in stead it falls a little short of the mark. All that being said, I could not stop thinking about this book for several days so maybe that was the intention, maybe the reason I am left feeling so dissatisfied is because nobody ever wins in the Hunger Games. Perhaps there is some point in there about the odds never being in our favour.

Rating: 3/5

Would recommend to: if you’ve come this far don’t give up now.


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