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No. 34 – David Copperfield, Charles Dickens Read 26/1/14

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I finally finished David Copperfield 4 months after starting it! It was one hell of a slog but it got much better at the end so I am really glad I persevered. I can never understand people who give up on a book half way through; what if the ending is amazing?

The ending wasn’t exactly amazing but it was better than the rest of the book. If you know anything about Dickens you can probably guess what happens. Small boy has an evil step-father and gets sent to an even more evil boarding school with a brief spell at an evil wine merchants. He then runs away to live with his slightly crazy aunt in Dover and grows up then to live a rather dull life before the bad guy gets his comeuppance and living happily ever after.

So I wasn’t crazy about this book. It was slow. I mean it is rare for me to take 4 months to read a book and I just couldn’t get to care about David Copperfield, despite his neglectful upbringing. He was much more likeable as an adult and I was much more interested in who he was going to marry than whether or not he would die on his walk to Dover. I read it in thirds leaving it completely for long stretches and the last third was by far my favourite and the most enjoyable reading experience. The other two just dragged and dragged.

I always seem to have this issue with Dickens. There seems to me so much stuff that just isn’t necessary and if he had been subject to a modern publisher I am sure large quantities would’ve been cut. If I am honest I have no idea why Dickens is given the acclaim he his and I have no idea why he was ever inducted into the literary canon. But I guess I had better get to liking him because Great Expectations, Bleak House and A Tale of Two Cities all make the list.

Rating: 3/5

Would recommend to: read it gradually a chapter at a time so you don’t get bored.


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