The Big Read

No. 67 – Good Omens, Terry Prachett and Neil Gaimen 15/3/14

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I am totally aware that Terry Pratchett is supposed to be hilarious, but I didn’t find this very funny at all. It felt to me like the kind of Monty Python intellectual humour which I find a bit snobbish. It is all a bit silly in a smart-arse sort of way and I don’t think I laughed once. So as far as my understanding of humour goes Good Omens is mildly amusing. Some quite ridiculous things happen that are comical because of there absurdity but they are too ridiculous, too bizarre to give you that humour through mutual understanding which I love; I have laughed more at internet memes.

Apart from that I really quite enjoyed the story. I liked the characters and was incredibly eager to find out how the Armageddon was going to be avoided, the tone of the novel gave away the fact that it would, and I am quite glad I read it. There is a little social commentary in the relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale because despite the greater schemes of heaven and hell they are just two individuals try to get by in the world. What it didn’t do for me was make me think about the heaven and hell or “the ineffable plan” or any of that. I think maybe it was written to be a satire on certain elements of religion but I didn’t find it at all thought provoking.

I wasn’t to sure about the role of the 11-year old Antichrist. That isn’t a sentence I ever thought I would write. It is just such a strange element to the story and then it sort of fizzles out; I can’t even remember what happens to him. I think he lives happily ever after having had a happy, secure upbringing. But really that says a lot about his part in the story; he was supposed to be crucial and I can’t remember what happened to him. Also I must admit I find long passages of  children’s dialogue in novels tiresome, mostly because author’s tend to really force the issue that they’re children by painstaking demonstrating their laboured thought processes, and this novel has large chunks of the Adam the Antichrist, get it it’s ironic and supposed to be funny, converses in a den with his friends.

I also have issue with the ending. For starters, I can’t remember it but also I was left feeling incredibly unsatisfied. It was all a bit rushed and convenient and I like my endings a little more dramatic than that. It was disappointing to carry on with a book I had only sort of enjoying to be let down at the end.

Rating: 3/5

Would (not) recommend to: anyone who has issues with blasphemy.



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