Other Books 2013/14

Other Books – Divergent, Veronica Roth Read 10/4/14

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With starting this reading challenge I got really into the reading community online. I watch lots of ‘Booktubers’, people who review books on Youtube and I follow loads of book blogs which inspired me to start this one. Diveregent was a book that I picked up because I had seen it discussed so much online. Now although I loved The Hunger Games, which everyone compared it to, I am always a little bit suspicious of YA Dystopias, mainly because they feel a little bit like they are ‘jumping on the band wagon’. It’s like publisher have gone “young people love teenagers saving the world in the future! Let’s do that!” and so they publish a load of that kind of story not really thinking about whether the novels are any good. A very similar thing happened when Twilight became big. I even remember they republished Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights  with Twilight-inspired covers.

All that said I started on Divergent. It all went pretty much as I expected young white girl leaves her family and must over come enormous trials in a corrupt society before challenging the establishment whilst dealing with boy issues as well! I am trivialising a bit but you must agree that that sentence could some up quite a few YA novels.

But I really didn’t mind if it was a bit unoriginal because it is really well done. The universe is really absorbing and I am desperate to know more of how it works. The population of what once was Chicago are split into different factions based on what they value the most only you get to choose age 16. I was desperate to know more about how this society worked. What is the population of this new town? because it seemed incredibly small to me. The factionless, the people who don’t belong, what do they do with their lives how do they survive? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW MORE.

This and the incredibly accessible style it is written in meant that I tore through this novel at lighting pace. My Goodreads says that I read it in 2 days but I think I might have stayed up all night to finish it. It is one of those books which is unashamedly just story. No faffing about with metaphors or structure just a great story. Sometimes that is all you want in a book. Yes it is nice to be challenged or to be made to re-evaluate yourself but that doesn’t take away the enjoyment to be had in a book like Divergent.

Rating: 4/5

Would recommend to: escape from this world for a bit.


One thought on “Other Books – Divergent, Veronica Roth Read 10/4/14

  1. I would love a Blog Post about your favourite booktubers! and great review btw, the book has been waiting on my bookshelf for maybe 3 months now…I guess, the time has come! 🙂


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