The Big Read

No. 83 – Holes, Louis Sachar Read 18/4/14

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I wasn’t looking forward to this one. I remember that it was always the film that my English teacher would put on at the end of term as a treat but we never got further than half an hour into it. I must have watched the first half an hour of that film 6 times.

But, as usual it was 4 o’clock in the morning and I had woken up knowing I was never going to get back to sleep so I started on this book as it looked like a relatively easy read. That was true but that wasn’t the reason I had finished it by 7 o’clock. This story is fantastic. I have talked previously of books aimed at boys that I had so much trouble with at school but this is one of those gender neutral books that even if it was aimed at boys, I could still enjoy it as a 20 year old female.

Stanley Yelnats is sent to a correction facility for juvenile criminals after he is wrongly prosecuted for stealing a pair of trainers. At Camp Green Lake, which is anything but, everyday the boys have to go out onto the dried up lake bed and dig a hole the width and depth of their shovel in the baking heat. It is supposed to build character but Stanley soon realises that this is a lie. Parallel to this present day story line is one about the history of Green Lake and that is all I will say about it for fear of ruining the ending.

I can’t tell you how enjoyable this book was. I love the two story lines because as you can imagine if the narrative was just Stanley digging a whole everyday it would get pretty boring. It is funny and charming and there is a mystery to be solved not to mention some bad guys who deserve a good old fashioned comeuppance. There is also the heart warming story of how Stanley teaches his friend Zero to read with surprising consequences.

I don’t care how old you are read this book I promise you will enjoy it.


Would recommend to: read quickly for fun.


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