2014 Round Up

It has been quite a year for me in book terms. Although I embarked on my BBC Top 100 project in 2013, 2014 was the year where I really started to commit to the idea and mark my progress. I joined Goodreads last December and then started this blog in June all so that I could engage with reading in a much more diverse and social way. On Christmas Eve I completed my first ever Goodreads 50 books challenge. Previously I would have easily said that I read 50 books a year but now I realise that it was probably half that.

Most important for me is the response that my little book blog has had. It amazes me that people want to read my 500 word rambles on books that are being discussed far more eloquently elsewhere. I can hardly believe it every time I get a little notification in the top right hand corner saying that someone has followed my blog and every like and comment fills me with happiness.

So I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you all. I saw a post not long ago about how you can go weeks in the real world without meeting a single person who reads and yet there is this amazing community online where people are so passionate about books that they have to share their experience. Thanks for being a part of my experience.

I hope that this holiday season brought you joy and new books, have a very happy new year and I hope that you will join me as I carry on adventuring into 2015.

Claudia x


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