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No.93 – The Colour of Magic, Terry Prachett Read 14/9/14

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The Colour of Magic is the first in Terry Prachett’s renowned fantasy Discworld series. There are three other books from the series on the list but rather annoyingly they aren’t 2,3 and 4 but 4, 8 and 29. But I started at the beginning as I thought it would make more sense that way.

This is were I have to confess that I don’t find Terry Prachett funny. I really am sorry because I know he is a national treasure and an incredible human being but ahhh, it’s just not my thing. If you want an idea of what I’m talking about the summary of the plot should make it clear. Discworld is a world that rest on the shell of an enormous space tortoise. A bizarre expedition sets out with an inept wizard, a tourist from another world and his luggage which is seemingly alive and has hundreds of legs.

Now although I didn’t find it funny in any sense other than ‘that’s a bit odd’ I did really enjoy this book. It’s kind of an adventure/quest storyline and it does twist in many unexpected directions. As you all know I like other worlds and this world is strange but I still wanted to know about all its peoples and cultures. The rather hopeless characters get themselves into lots of sticky situations and I was sure they were done for on more than one occasion. But because this world is so odd, Prachett can just invent something that makes no sense what so ever to get them out of trouble.

The book ends on a cliffhanger which is really annoying. I understand that’s how series work but it’s frustrating for me because I don’t like this series enough to read them all, so I’m not going to know what happens. It is then going to be even more confusing when I pick up the series later on after an elapse of 3, 3 then 21 books. Oh well. I’m sure I can google it if I get confused. Anyway they zip along quite nicely these books so I think I shall be able to keep up.


Would recommend to: Monty Python fans.


4 thoughts on “No.93 – The Colour of Magic, Terry Prachett Read 14/9/14

  1. My husband worshipped Pratchett and begged me to read him for the longest time. I didn’t get the first few books at all. I mean, I got them, but I didn’t laugh once. I told him our expectations of funny must be different. Months later, I finally agreed to pick up one of his books that follows the Character Vimes, and that is when I fell in love with Pratchett.


    • claudiafvogt says:

      Really! I’m glad it’s not just me. I am hopeful for the others then as I think Vimes is in Guards! Guards! and Night Watch?


  2. Yep, Guards! Guards! and Night Watch both are Vimes books. Night Watch I’ve read at least three times. He has other good books, too. The Tiffany Aching books are fun, as are Death and Susan’s books. I think it took him a few books to find his stride. At least it felt that way to me. I hope you enjoy the others :).


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