Other Books 2013/14

Other Books – How I Live Now, Meg Rosoff Read 28/9/14

Affiliate Link:How I Live Now

So I had a bit of a slump around this time. Mostly because I was really busy. I went back to Uni which involved moving into a new house and I started on my first project of the year which took up so much of my time. Really I know it sounds ridiculous a student who actually spends time doing work? But that is me if you are interested in what I was doing go check out Bernie and Bryony , my other blog.

Anyway, How I Live Now. Every now and again I have to read books that I want to read to stop me going crazy and like with almost all the books I own, I found this one in a charity shop. I had seen a lot about it on BookTube and was really in need of some YA escapism. So of course this is a wonderful book about a Dystopian future and mild incest. Yep you heard me right. Daisy, leaves America to go with her aunt and cousins in rural England and when she gets there they are all a bit weird, meaning they are psychic. When her aunt goes away to work, Daisy and her COUSIN Edmund indulge in there love for each other. Then World War Three breaks out. When the family are separated they use there psychic abilities to try and find each other again.

It sounds mad. It shouldn’t work. I shouldn’t love it. But it is so good. I don’t like a lot of YA or if I do it is always in a very surface way like I feel about Rom-Coms and pop music. But How I live Now is superb. Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere, it is just perfect. It manages to capture the feeling of indestructibility that living in the countryside can give you and the undertones of fear and tension. The book is narrated by Daisy stream of conciousness style and sure there is a little bit of angsty teen stuff but most of it is her determination.

So I have to talk a little bit about the incest. So first cousin… not actually illegal thanks to Henry VIII but still in theory it makes my skin crawl. Even in Gothic literature in makes me go ugh. Yet, I can’t believe I am saying this, in How I Live Now it seems so right. Maybe it is to do with the psychic thing? I’m not sure but Daisy has never met her cousin before so it feels a bit different? I can’t believe I am justifying this. Read it and you will understand; it feels like ‘hey who am I to judge?’.

Moving on, if you want a YA Dystopia which doesn’t happen a million years in the future or involves teenage girls fighting wars, this is for you.

Rating: 4/5

Would recommend to: people who like stories about survival.


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