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Other Books – Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn Read 10/10/14

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I was late to the party I know. 2 years after it came out I finally read Gone Girl. Now this is going to be really difficult to review without giving the game away but I shall try my best to avoid spoilers.

Plot summary. Nick comes homes to find that his wife Amy, who found fame as a child as the title character in her psychologist parents series of children’s book, gone. Disappeared. Of course he calls the police but very soon he becomes the chief suspect and everyone assumes that he has killed her. We the reader know otherwise of course because Nick is narrating. But did he? Is he lying? What other secrets is he hiding? Because he is definitely hiding something I just know it.

And so it goes on. This is what Gone Girl is like. You can trust nothing anybody says. You think you know Nick, you think you know Amy. But WRONG WRONG WRONG. There is one revelation and you change your mind who did it and then buff! Wrong again. It is an amazing thriller and one of the most compelling mysteries I have ever read.

Interestingly, there is also a reading of this book which is a comment on how society perceives women. I have read interviews with Gillian Flynn where they discuss the book and she talks about this quite a lot. The story revolves entirely on our perception of people and how it can be manipulated and I defiantly feel there is a point being made about the pressure women feel to be perceived a certain way.

And then, there is the ending. WHICH I HATE. I have never been able to stand an unsatisfying ending, see my review of 1984 and the end of this book I just didn’t like. I can’t say any more about it without giving it away and I really wish I could talk about it because my feelings are so strong but this book is just too good to publish spoilers of.

So I shall leave this review here. I am telling you now. Read this book.

Rating: 4/5 – the ending just got me

Would recommend to: everyone, especially if you think you are good at guessing mysteries.


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