My Top 5 Booktubers

As previously mentioned new things are happening here on Bernie and Books. I thought I would start by giving the people what they want. This post was suggested by emilinamar so thanks very much for that I hope you like it.

Now for those of you who don’t know what a Booktuber is, here is a brief explanation:

Booktuber: Noun, bʊk:tjuː.bər – A person who makes videos about books on Youtube.

Simple enough really. Booktube is a wonderful place where you can get excited about books and nobody will judge you. It’s kind of like Booklr in video form. Now these are my top 5 Booktubers but I am always on the look out for new channels to watch so let me know about your favourites in the comments.

5. polandbananaBOOKS

Now YA isn’t my thing so a lot of the books Christina or Xtina talks about I haven’t read, but you know what I really don’t care because she’s so funny. A lot of Booktubers talk very seriously about the ins and outs of a book but Xtina is just all about the laughs. She isn’t afraid to be ridiculous when it comes to books and I like that because if I’m honest, I have jumped up and down and made ridiculous noises when a book I’ve been waiting for arrives in the post. It’s really nice to get to see that other people do that aswell.

4. The Readables

The Readables or Priscilla has such high production value her videos are always beautiful to watch. She does these really cute little animations and graphics that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also love that she covers a wide range of topics through her Top 5 Wednesday series and reads a wide range of books including graphic novels. She also talk about TV and film and the like which sometimes makes a nice change from books, books, books.

3. ItsWayPastMyBedtime 

Okay technically Carrie Hope Fletcher is more than just a Booktuber but I love her channel and she talks about books so she’s on my list. If you’re into reading, musicals, disney or tea Carrie’s your girl. She just wrote a non-fiction book herself which is pretty cool and if you are interested in theatre, like me, her vlogs from backstage at her job as Eponine in Les Miserables in the West End are fascinating.

2. JeanBookishthoughts 

What I love about Jean is the way her videos are slightly more ‘homemade’ than some of the others. She films on her iPhone, her editing is simple and her lighting nothing special. This is just a girl in her bedroom who is passionate about books so talks about them on the internet for our enjoyment. She talks much slower than a lot of vloggers which is so good, sometimes I watch youtube videos and end up completely stressed because of the speed the person has been talking. Jean takes things slow, she pauses for breathe and I have time to think about what she says.

And finally *drum roll*

1. booksandquills

Sanne aka booksandquills is the Booktuber that started it all for me and so she claims top spot on my list. She loves costume dramas (tick), classics (tick) and works in publishing. Originally from the Netherlands she now lives in London and I basically wish my life was like hers. *sigh*. Anyway she does a mixture of reviews, tags, hauls, collaborations and visits to bookish locations. She reads a wide range of books and everything she makes is beautiful. I really suggest you check out her channel I promise there is something for everyone.

So there we have it. My Top 5 Booktubers. Let me know what you think of my favourites and please suggest some of yours for me to watch. If there is anything I need in my life right now it’s more ways to procrastinate!


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