‘Brass’ – A New Musical

I know this isn’t book related in anyway but I am hoping you will bear with me and let me talk about something I am really proud of.

Copyright Matt Hargraves

Photo Credit Matt Hargraves

Last summer I worked on a new musical by composer Benjamin Till with a British theatre company called National Youth Music Theatre or NYMT. The musical tells the story of a Leeds brass band that all sign up to fight in the First World War together. This story is unique as it also follows the women that the men leave behind as they go to work in the Barnbow munitions factory. IMG_20150603_124104[1]

The experience of working on this show is one of the greatest of my entire life. I love this show. I love the people who worked on it, I love the design and I love the songs. I know I am biased but the music is just breath taking and beautiful. But the show was only on for a week in a music hall in Leeds. The very music hall where a lot of the Leeds pals battalion actually signed up. It is deeply moving and poignant but only a few people managed to see the show. Luckily that included some very important critics because the show went on to win the UK Theatre Award for Best Musical Production.

BUT ALL THAT CHANGES TODAY. Because now, today, the original cast recording is available to buy! I can’t believe it this is such an incredible achievement for everyone involved and I am so proud to be a tiny part of it. I even get a mention on the inside sleeve! IMG_20150603_123931[1]

So I understand that it is highly unlikely any of you will actually be interest in buying a copy of the album. Don’t worry all I ask is that you check out the music videos we made to accompany the release. Like the show I was able to help with costumes so look out for my name in the credits. The first song, ‘Billy Whistle’ the pals sing as a bit of light relief whilst in the trenches. But the second song is a more emotional number. I hope you enjoy them even if musical theatre makes your skin crawl. ‘Brass’ is a tribute to all the men and women of Leeds for the sacrifices they made during World War One and it has been my privilege to help share their story.

Just in case the album grabs your fancy 😉 :




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