A Break from the BBC Top 100

Okay so I know I’m not exactly the worlds greatest blogger but 99 of you like what I do enough to hang around and that makes me very happy so thank you! This week is the one year anniversary of Bernie and Books which has gone much quicker than I expected. In that time I have posted 105 times read 37 books 18 of which are from the BBC Top 100 and I now have only 37 more to go wooh!

But, as with most things life is about to get in the way. I am starting research for my dissertation which of course involves an awful lot of reading. As a result I don’t know how much time I am going to have to read anything other than books about 16th Century women’s dress. Now I really hope I will be able to keep up reading for pleasure but it isn’t looking very likely as I am up to my eyeballs already in biographies of Renaissance Queens. Now if that’s your sort of thing I will probably be posting the reviews of those books here at Bernie and Books for you to peruse at your leisure but there is probably going to be a substantial break in BBC Top 100 post.

I am hoping to keep up blogging as a whole as I really enjoy being a part of this community of book lovers so I hopefully will speak to you again soon but I am really very sorry if this next year isn’t as exciting as the last.

All the best and here’s to another year full of books for us all,

Claudia x


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