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Requested Review – “Frankly Twisted”: The Lost Files, Kevin 11 Read 9/6/15

“Frankly Twisted”: The Lost Files by Kevin 11 is the second book in a trilogy that follows the 23rd precinct of the Brooklyn Police Department. Although this book is the second in the series it is a prequel to the events of the first which actually made it a great starting point for a new comer like me.

The story follows the men and women whose job it is to fight crime in New York City. However, all is not as it seems in the 23rd precinct and the reason as to why cases keep stalling and going cold is far from what anyone imagined.

My first thought when reading this book is how much it feels like a TV series. The chapters are episodes and the cases within them are solved by the time the imagined credits role. Similarly, throughout every episode there are hints of something bigger that builds and builds until we get to the season finale. I must admit I loved this. I loved the way each episode focused on a different member of the BKPD but the other characters weaved through all the stories. Like a good series on netflix I could dip in to one episode at a time or binge read two or three after the other. I really enjoyed reading this book.

The characters are really well written too. As the narrative is told in the first person from many different points of view I loved the way my opinion of a character would be formed from what the narrator told me and then I would be surprised when the narrative finally came around to be told from that character’s point of view. Similarly, hearing a character talk about another member of the precinct whose story I had already read, I would be able to think to myself “just you wait you’ve got that person so wrong” and feel really smug about it. The characters and the relationships between them were so very well thought out the story was seamless.

I have only one criticism of this book and it is a very small one. I like detective novels where I the reader have to try and figure out the case as well. I love that feeling of it suddenly clicking and getting to the answer before the characters in the book and then sometimes there being a huge twist and me being completely wrong. I missed that element in “Frankly Twisted”: The Lost Files. The cases we follow are very much as an observer rather than a participant and I think this is because the focus is more on the detectives themselves rather than the cases they solve. The story of the detectives is enjoyable in itself, I just would have liked a bit of both worlds.

“Frankly Twisted”: The Lost Files by Kevin 11 is published by Flowered Concrete and is available on July 21st. Find out more:

The author also has a blog you should check out:

Rating: 4/5

Would recommend to: anybody who loves CSI, Law & Order etc.

P.S. Not suitable for young audiences

Requested Reviews

Requested Review – Echo, Lorena Glass Read 6/6/15

Rather exciting this is the first review I have done on my blog where the author sent me a copy of their book and asked me to review it. I feel very professional.25424100

Anyway, Echo by Lorena Glass is the first book in a trilogy that follows a pair of lovers cursed throughout history to never be together. But they are determined to defy fate with the help of time travel. Whenever one of them dies the other time travels to be with them again in the form of their next or previous incarnation. The story is about soul mates and the idea that people are meant to be together. I would definitely call it a romance possibly YA but with a wonderful twist.

I must be honest, I very nearly didn’t get past the first page. I found it a bit too angsty teenage heartbreak and I thought “oh no what have I agreed to?”. However, that being said I am so glad I powered through the rain on the empty beach because it turns out the first setting is 5th Century Gaul. Yep that’s right. Gaul. How cool is that? I find when people choose historical settings for novels they tend to be a bit same-old-same-old. Picking Dark Ages Europe I found really refreshing and totally engaging.

The story starts from the point of view of Karissa, who is from the near future and I got the impression she was the first of the lovers to time traveller. She has recently lost Ian her (much older) lover hence the opening heartbreak sequence. I’m not sure if I like Karissa or not. She grew on me as her story progressed but at the beginning I felt a little “oh stop your whining”. Then again I often feel that way when reading romances; I liked her much more when she was happy.

What I really loved about this book and found so original was the way the narrative shifts and the characters get reinvented with each reincarnation. It plays with the establish ideas of soul mates and says well if you’re soul mates surely if your soul is reincarnated you will still love them? I found it so clever and refreshing. For me ‘will they won’t they?’ isn’t enough in a love story. In Echo the interest doesn’t come from will they get together or will they cheat/fight/break up, we know they are meant to be so their relationship will work, they just can’t get the chance to prove it.

The only thing that let me down ever so slightly with this book was the writing. Every now and again it would tell rather than show and it was so frustrating because I really like this story. The settings, the time travel all of it was new and exciting there is so much potential. At the end of this book we are only up to 737. I want to know about this couple on board a ship to the new world, or in pre-revolution France. The ending was perfect. Moving and intriguing with just enough conclusion to satisfy me at the end of this book and just enough cliffhanger to make me excited for the next.

Rating: 3/5 (I wish it were 4 it’s just the writing)

Would recommend to: YA lovers or any one a bit bored with standard romances